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List 10 of your OTPs

~Two person pairings only

~No combining names

~Can be Het/Yaoi/Yuri

~Can be CanonxCanon/OCxCanon/OCxOC

1. Ruby x Jaune (RWBY)

2. GC_Elesis x Elsword (Grand Chase x Elsword)

3. Rainbow Dash x Dumbbell (MLP)

4. Ib x Mary (Ib)

5. Yato x Kofuku (Noragami)

6. Minako x Minato (Persona 3 Portable)

7. Dust x Fidget (Dust: An Elysian Tail)

8. Duck x Fakir (Princess Tutu)

9. Flippy x Flaky (Happy Tree Friends)

10. Viola x Ellen (The Witch's House)

1) Who gets along better? Pairing #1 or #5?

#1, they're almost alike. 

2) According to you, does the first person in pairing #10 truly love the second person?

Yes, but that would lead her to her doom, though.

3) Oh no!! The second person in pairing #4 sees their boy/girlfriend with the first person in pairing #7!! What happens?

Mary'd definitely be all clingy to Ib acting all happy while secretly plotting to kill Dust.

4) What would you do if pairing #8 was 100% canon?

IT'S NOT?!! D:

5) In pairing #9, who's more likely to survive an army of zombies?

Flippy, Flaky'll be the first to die.

6) Would the first person in #3 die for their boy/girlfriend?

Ooh, FANFIC IDEA!!! Maybe...

7) When did you start liking pairing #2?

After seeing a fan art by celloxii Red is the color of LOVE... by celloxiii

8) Which pairing do you like the most? #4, #6, or #8?

#4, kids are cute.

9) In pairing #7, would the second person still love the first person if they were in a car crash that made them ugly forever?

Hard to tell because they don't have cars in their world.

10) Does anyone get in the way of pairing #3?

Every SoarinxDash and *Insert character name here*xDash ever.

11) What would the first person in #9 do if the first person in #1 stole their boy/girlfriend?

Flip out (pun intended) and go on a rampage along the way to the kidnapper's location.

12) Which pairing is the closest to a crack paring?

#3 all the way.

13) How did pairing #5 meet?

I haven't read the manga yet.

14) Pairing #10 had a baby! What happens next?

Viola decided to stay with Ellen in her house forever with their half-demon baby. The Witch's House slowly became a legend told by elders to children who wants to wander outside by themselves. Years later, deep inside a forest, a child with blonde hair and a green dress can be seen wandering around.

15) The first person in #8 got amnesia! How does their boy/girlfriend help them remember?

Fakir teaches Duck how to dance ballet.

16) The second person in #1 is dying!! What are their final words to the first person?

"I'm sorry I wasn't strong enough...Ruby....HERK-BLEGH!!!" *dies*

17) Is #4 a virgin couple?

They're kids.....

18) Pairing #6 and #7 are double dating! What happens?

Minako and Minato:  A SHADOW!!
Dust and Fidget: WAIT!!

19) What song(s) fits pairing #5?

20) Pairing #9 has been genderbended!! Outcome?

Nothing much, Flippy now flips out when she's on her period and Flaky...wel...

  • Listening to: my personal epic track list
  • Reading: Eye of the Minds
  • Watching: Kodomo no Jikan
  • Playing: SAO: Hollow Fragment (for shits and giggles)
  • Eating: BBQ chips and ketchup.
  • Drinking: water


Gen. Prinny
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
United States
Hello, doods!
My name is John Paul Marbella, but you guys (and gals) can call me "JP" I am an art novice (or noob) looking for inspirations for art. Im not a good artist but Im trying my best to be one. The artworks Im planning to post here are a few fan arts.

Some facts about me:
1. I like to draw (even though I'm not that good)
2. The only thing that scares me most are butterflies XD
3. I'm a leftie
4. I am really sensitive (pls. handle with care)
5. I also want to be a writer (well, not officially, though)

Likes: Happy Tree Friends, MLP:FiM, doodling, the environment, schizophrenia (XD), parkour, awesome brawls, prinnies, equal rights

Dislikes: discrimination, racism, math, rude people, bullies, p*rn, lame brawls

Fave Characters:
-Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Sweetie Belle (MLP: FIM)
-The one and only Prinny Hero, and Asagi (disgaea, Prinny: Can I really be the hero?)
-Mary (Ib)

Immune to:
-physical injuries
-peer pressure

Not immune to:
-falling on great heights

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